Cairo City Guide

Cairo is the capital and the largest city of Egypt. Without a doubt, the ancient monuments dripping with rich Egyptian history beckon people from all over the world to step foot in Cairo at least once in their life.

Air Sinai Tel Aviv to Cairo - Best Option to Travel from Tel Aviv to Cairo

If you are looking for a perfect Tel Aviv to Cairo flight schedule, choose Air Sinai for a comfortable journey as Air Sinai is the only airline that offers (non-stop) Tel Aviv to Cairo direct flights. Air Sinai offers exclusive online travel plans for Israelis wishing to see Egypt in its entire splendor. Once you land at the Cairo Airport, book your stay at the Novotel Hotel. The free airport shuttle will get you there in ten minutes.  

Best Things to do in Cairo

When in Cairo, plan all your trips according to the Metro routes. It connects locals and tourists with happening markets and the scores of history museums. The first stop has to be the Giza Necropolis.

The Great Pyramids and the magnificent Sphinx will keep you enthralled for hours. These structures are a testament to the skilled craftsmanship and architectural prowess of ancient Egyptians. Make sure to pack fluids, binoculars and a camera. Wear light clothing to cope with the desert winds.

Indoor museums displaying the remnants of ancient Egyptian civilizations are a must-visit. Notable mentions are the Egyptian Museum, the Abdeen Palace Museum, and the Coptic Museum. The most famous monument in Cairo is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. It is also called the Alabaster Mosque owing to its white stones and tall minarets.

The Ramses Mall and the Arkadia Mall are leading destinations to shop for high-end brands in Cairo. In the heart of Cairo lies the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. It is bursting with local vendors calling out to customers and serving mint tea to each passerby. You can savor the best Egyptian cuisine at the Koshary Abou Tarek restaurant. Other options are The Raj for Indian food, the Blue Restaurant & Grill for Mediterranean food and the Scores Sports Bar for typical American dishes.

Best Times to Visit Cairo

September through April is the ideal time to visit Cairo. The weather is pleasant enough to enjoy all the sights and sounds that Cairo has to offer. The holiday season is pretty busy so book your flights with Air Sinai in advance.